Find our Video on You Tube!!

I just wanted to pop on my blog quickly and encourage my followers and those interested in Glad Rags to check out the recently posted You Tube video featuring my store!! A huge thanks goes out to Johanna Lemon for her hard work in the Village of Stockton this past year. This video is in large part thanks to her efforts to help local businesses promote their services and so much more. She took the time for the interview and worked on editing and posting the video. We really appreciate her efforts. Thank you so much, I think this video will be a great help in showing potential customers what to expect when they take the time to shop at our store. As I approach the 14th Anniversary of purchasing this business, I have some other exciting projects in the works, so please stay tuned. And thank you for your patience and support.


Store Hours – A Change for the Better!!

After much thought and consideration, I have decided to make some changes to the hours that Glad Rags is open each week. Since purchasing the store over 13 years ago, the store hours have basically remained the same. Those hours have consistently been Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m.-1 p.m. We have always extended the store hours during special events such as Fall into Stockton or the Annual Christmas Walk and of course during our busy Prom Season. During the winter months over the past couple of years we have been closed an extra day each week because of the slow traffic and extra cost of heat, etc.

I am not just a store owner, but also a shopper in my own right and find that it is not always easy to shop at some stores because their hours are basically the same as mine, so I cannot shop because I am at work. I know this has to be the case for others, so I have decided to stay open later one night a week and longer on Saturdays. LongerHoursOur new hours effective on March 1st will be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Thursday 9 a.m.-6 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m.-3 p.m. I know that it will take time to get shoppers in the habit of these changes, but I hope that it will be a benefit to those who would like to shop but just can’t get into the store when I am normally open. I have looked at other stores in the downtown area and some are already open until 5:30 or 6 p.m. every night. We also have some service businesses that stay open later on Tuesday and or Thursday evenings. So that is why I chose Thursday to try the new extended hours.

Another reason that I chose Thursday is because I want to tie the day into some special and promotions that I will begin to run to help remind everyone of our special hours. Think of Thursdays as “Thrifty Thursday” to remember that we are open an extra hour for you.ThriftyThirdThursday I have also decided to make every “Third Thursday” of the month a special shopping day and will remain open until 7 p.m. on those days and run some storewide specials to give everyone a good reason to shop during that time.

So I hope that you will help me spread the word of our new hours and try to come and see us during these times. Please stay tuned to our Facebook page for more details on specials and sales. And as always, especially during Prom season, call us about extended hours for tuxedo fittings and remember if our Open Flag is flying – we are open to serve you!!


What’s In a “Brand” Name? Finding them in Resale!

labelcollageBrand Names in clothing – are they important? Do you have favorite brand names or labels that are your style? Brand name labels can stand for quality of the designer or workmanship. Is that what the label means to you? Are you willing to pay more for the popular labels, or do you shop with your personal style in mind?

I have to admit, as a person who purchases most all of my clothing second hand that I do gravitate towards certain labels and styles because their designs suit me. The quality of some brands let me know that the item is quality made and the classic style will be one that last longer than one season. These type of styles and labels are great sellers in places like my consignment store. That is the beauty of consignment stores. Do you have any idea how many different brand name labels you can find when you shop in a store with pre-loved clothing?

As I was approaching the anniversary of the purchase of Glad Rags I wanted to find a fun way to celebrate our 13th Anniversary. I have always been facinated with the name brands that flow through the store on a daily basis. We have lower end brands that you find in Walmart and other discount stores, but we also have higher end quality brands that you would find in mall stores, only online or even QVC. You don’t have to go to dozens of stores to find a variety of labels, just shop your local consignment/resale shop!!

So, to make it fun during our 13th Anniversary Sale we are having a Brand Name Scavenger Hunt!!BrandNameScavengerHuntblank To earn one of 13 door prizes that we will be giving away, come in to the store an pick up your entry blank for the Scavenger Hunt. How does it work? The entry blank has a space for every letter of the alphabet and you need to find brand names that start with each letter of the alphabet to complete the task. In putting together a master list for this task I have come up with over 400 brand names that are currently in our store (probably more, but I ran out of time to look on every rack!!) You must complete the list to be entered to win prizes. And during this exercise, we know you will be impressed with the hundreds of name brands that are in our store – everything from A to Z!!

13anniversaryspecialsOf course we have specials going on as well. Red Tags are 50% off and specially marked discount tags are just 13 cents. All regular priced items are Buy One Get One for only 13 cents!! There will be New Arrivals to the inventory daily, and these will qualify for the Buy One Get One for 13 cent special, so be sure to shop often. The sale is for 13 days and will end on Wednesday, June 15th at 5 p.m.

So plan now to take some time to participate in our Anniversary Celebration, we will announce some other special events soon!!


I’m Back!

I must apologize for taking so long to get back into writing blog posts. When I started this blog I had many good intentions, but have found over time, that sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day to do everything that I would like to do. Time has marched on and I want to make more of an effort to blog and keep in touch with my followers, so I am trying this again. Thank you so much for your patience. Please stay tuned as I work to post on a more consistent basis and share information that I hope you find helpful. I am currently working on several series of blog posts that I hope to start soon. Please watch for details on some fun things coming for Glad Rags Boutique as we celebrate owning the business for 13 years as of June 1st.


Bling, Baubles and More – A New Look for Jewelry Cabinet

Glad Rags Boutique has been in existence in the same building in Historic Downtown Stockton since October of 1986. The historic building at 117 South Main Street was built in 1893 as can be seen by the date on the front of the building.101_0091

In it’s history the building has housed a hat shop, a boarding house and a department store, before it was used as Lyon’s Fabric Den beginning in August of 1981. Glad Rags Resale Boutique was added to the fabric store in 1986 at the encouragement of a friend from the Chicago area who said that resale shops were all the rage and this area needed one too!!

In the storied history of the building, one feature of the store space has been a historic, antique display case along the north wall of the building. This built in case I am sure has served many purposes over the years and currently is the main display area for the Jewelry in the store’s inventory. Over the time that I have owned the business what once housed some material, sewing notions and many other items has finally been dedicated to display the many pieces of Vintage, Costume and New Jewelry that Glad Rags Boutique now carries.

Recently, I was tired of the many different colors going on and the cluttered look of the jewelry cabinet, so I decided it was time for a makeover. The lighting for the cabinet used to be light strips with spotlights, A couple of years ago one of those strips decided not to work any longer so the landlord replaced one side with new puck lights. Recently the second side was installed, so now it was time to give the entire cabinet a new look. Here is what the cabinet looked like with everything out. A clean slate!!


It took a lot of work, material replaced in blue to better match the store decor and ideas from Pinterest for displaying jewels and here is the end result!!102_0558

One of the ideas from Pinterest was to use shutters to display earring cards. Wow, that was a great idea as we have hundreds of pairs of earrings from Vintage to Costume. Now they are neatly arranged so that you can see each pair clearly. We have two shutters full and more are displayed on repurposed CD racks.102_0555102_0573

This rack is full of vintage clip or screw on earrings. We have them priced to sell for crafting!! Have you seen all the ideas out there on Pinterest for making such things as statements necklaces from these vintage items??  Be sure to check out our Pinterest Page for crafting ideas with jewelry. have more vintage jewelry displayed in these vintage jewelry boxes.



So if you want to add some bling, or baubles to your life, be sure to stop in at Glad Rags Boutique to see what we have. There is a large selection of vintage jewelry from auctions and estates as well as costume jewelry from consignors. And if you love Annaleece Jewelry with Swarovski Crystals, we also are closing out these pieces for another consignor. You never know what you will find. If you have items of jewelry that you would like to consign, give us a call.

In closing, I wanted to post a photo of the brooch bouquet that my daughter made out of costume jewels for her wedding last October. It is just another idea of what you can do with jewelry. You don’t always have to wear it!!



As a Clothing Matchmaker, I can also add jewelry to the description – helping them to find a new purpose as well.


Welcome to My World!


Hello and welcome to Glad Rags Boutique website and blog! I hope you will enjoy visiting with me, and I look forward to welcoming new friends. My name is Gloria, I am the owner of Glad Rags Boutique. I spend my days at the store as the chief Clothing Matchmaker!!
I pride myself on helping pre-loved clothes find a new purpose. Whether that is in a customer’s home, donated to a needy family or re-purposed to a new use – I am thrilled when the clothing in our store meets the needs of others.

 Growing up in a family of six children and being a mother of five children, finding bargains in clothes shopping has always been a passion. And thanks to the teaching of my seamstress mother, I find that sewing skills are great to have when a garment might need alterations to become the exact fit. Being the second oldest girl with an older sister started me off in the world of hand-me-downs and I can honestly say that I have had very few outfits growing up or in adult life that were purchased brand new!!  – and if they were brand new, they were purchased on clearance or at a great discount.

My plan for this blog is to help others who may have the same passion about clothes and the purpose they have in our lives. Each week there will be updates on new arrivals at the store, helpful articles dealing with clothing and tutorials on re-purposing clothing for your wardrobe or in crafting. Please join me in my journey of repurposing, upcycling or just enjoying pre-loved clothes!! Be sure to sign up for our updates and follow us on Facebook and Pinterest (the inspiration for many of the tutorials to come!!)