What’s In a “Brand” Name? Finding them in Resale!

labelcollageBrand Names in clothing Рare they important? Do you have favorite brand names or labels that are your style? Brand name labels can stand for quality of the designer or workmanship. Is that what the label means to you? Are you willing to pay more for the popular labels, or do you shop with your personal style in mind?

I have to admit, as a person who purchases most all of my clothing second hand that I do gravitate towards certain labels and styles because their designs suit me. The quality of some brands let me know that the item is quality made and the classic style will be one that last longer than one season. These type of styles and labels are great sellers in places like my consignment store. That is the beauty of consignment stores. Do you have any idea how many different brand name labels you can find when you shop in a store with pre-loved clothing?

As I was approaching the anniversary of the purchase of Glad Rags I wanted to find a fun way to celebrate our 13th Anniversary. I have always been facinated with the name brands that flow through the store on a daily basis. We have lower end brands that you find in Walmart and other discount stores, but we also have higher end quality brands that you would find in mall stores, only online or even QVC. You don’t have to go to dozens of stores to find a variety of labels, just shop your local consignment/resale shop!!

So, to make it fun during our 13th Anniversary Sale we are having a Brand Name Scavenger Hunt!!BrandNameScavengerHuntblank To earn one of 13 door prizes that we will be giving away, come in to the store an pick up your entry blank for the Scavenger Hunt. How does it work? The entry blank has a space for every letter of the alphabet and you need to find brand names that start with each letter of the alphabet to complete the task. In putting together a master list for this task I have come up with over 400 brand names that are currently in our store (probably more, but I ran out of time to look on every rack!!) You must complete the list to be entered to win prizes. And during this exercise, we know you will be impressed with the hundreds of name brands that are in our store – everything from A to Z!!

13anniversaryspecialsOf course we have specials going on as well. Red Tags are 50% off and specially marked discount tags are just 13 cents. All regular priced items are Buy One Get One for only 13 cents!! There will be New Arrivals to the inventory daily, and these will qualify for the Buy One Get One for 13 cent special, so be sure to shop often. The sale is for 13 days and will end on Wednesday, June 15th at 5 p.m.

So plan now to take some time to participate in our Anniversary Celebration, we will announce some other special events soon!!