Purchases With a Purpose

purchaseswithapurposelogoDo you have a favorite local charity that you would love to support more often, but just don’t have the finances to do so? Glad Rags Boutique’s Purchases With a Purpose is an easy way for you to donate to your favorite cause without spending a dime. Most of us have excess in our closets, often times in the form of good things that we no longer wear or use. You can put those items to better use by recycling them through consignment. When you clean out your closets, you can donate them to a current Charity Account at Glad Rags Boutique. If you have a particular group that you would like to see obtain donations from your sold items, talk to us about registering your favorite non-profit. This is a great way to give back and you can ask others to donate as well without anyone having to give actual cash.

How does this program work? Currently at Glad Rags Boutique I have accounts set up for many groups including: Volunteer Hospice of Northwest Illinois, Stockton Heritage Museum, Riverview Center, and the Miss Jo Daviess County Fair Queen Contest. I also have a generic Charity Account where the proceeds are used to help pay consignors for clothing that we donate to those in need – due to fire, flood, tornado, etc. If you would like to donate items to be put in any of these accounts, please call the store at 815-947-3081 to make arrangements. All consignors with our store need to make appointments and if you are just donating items, we still have to make time and room for the items. All items donated for our Purchases With a Purpose program have specially marked tags and can be found throughout the store. That way, customers can see when their purchase benefits a local charity. hospicetagAt Glad Rags when you normally consign items, the percentage that the store received is 60% and the consignor received 40% unless it is used as store credit, then the split is 50/50. With our Charity Accounts the store only receives 25% to cover the costs of processing which includes tags, barbs, steaming items and credit card processing fees for purchases. The charity receives 75% of the sale.

Charity Accounts have been the main way to help non-profits raise funds here at Glad Rags. But having items in charity accounts only does so much for the charity – the items have to sell for the non-profit to receive a check. That is why Glad Rags will now add another feature to our Purchases With a Purpose program. I will now offer special shopping days or after hours events where 10% of all sales for the day will go to a designated charity. The first such event will be held on Monday, October 10th at Glad Rags Boutique in Stockton and the proceeds will benefit Volunteer Hospice of Northwest Illinois. This local Hospice has benefited from a charity account at our store since the fall of 2009. An account was opened at that time to help the Hospice offset the cost of moving to a new office space which would require more funds for rent, utilities, etc. Since the beginning of Glad Rags’ relationship with this worthy cause over 3000 items have been donated to sell and we have donated over $6000 to this organization. Can you please help me to boost our next check to them by shopping at our special Purchases With a Purpose Shopping Event? We will be using the 10.10 theme as we hold the event on October 10th! We will be open for 10 hours – 9 a.m.- 7 p.m. and 10% of all sales for the day will benefit Volunteer Hospice. I want this to be a fun shopping experience, so refreshments will be served and there will be a drawing for door prizes. The store will be full of quality Fall and Winter Merchandise for the entire family at a fraction of the cost of brand new. You will also have the opportunity to learn more about this local Volunteer Hospice and the work that they do.purchaseswithpurpose-1

Purchases With a Purpose is just one more way we are helping those that help others. We take pride in supporting local charities when our customers support our local business. Purchases With a Purpose has raised hundreds of dollars while recycling clothing and finding new homes for pre-loved items. Email us at glad.rags.boutique@hotmail.com to set up an account for your cause! And be sure to join us for our first Shopping Event that will give back!!signaturewithverse

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