September is National Sewing Month

September National Sewing MonthDid you know that September is National Sewing Month? The observance of National Sewing Month began in 1982 with a proclamation from President Ronald Reagan declaring September as National Sewing Month “In recognition of the importance of home sewing to our Nation.” In this fast paced electronic and digital age, sewing sometimes doesn’t seem as important as it once was. How many of us learned to sew from our mothers or grandmothers? When you attended school, was there still a Home Economics class where the basics of sewing were taught? How about 4H or Girls Scouts? Is that when you learned the skill of sewing?

I have to say that most of the sewing ability that I have was taught to me by my mother. To this day, she is still a much better seamstress that I am. She owns multiple sewing machines, a serger and loves to quilt as well as sewing garments and more. When my children were growing up – I used to make matching Easter dresses for my three girls every year. I even attempted vests and ties for my boys. I am grateful to my mother for patiently teaching me the art of using a needle and thread as this knowledge has served me well over the years. I have to say that since I own a resale shop and usually have a huge inventory of clothing to choose from, I haven’t sewn a garment from start to finish in many years. But having the knowledge and skill to sew has made it possible for me to mend many items and make alterations to garments that may have otherwise been thrown away.

The newer trend of repurposing has brought out the skill of sewing in another light in recent years. I have started following many blogs of some highly skilled seamstresses who share their projects and give inspiration on remaking many of their thrift store finds. I recently started following one from England. Portia has some great ideas and is currently running a contest on repurposed denim. I had every intention of joining in the contest and currently have two projects that I have been working on, but time has gotten away from me and I will not be able to finish the projects by the September 30th deadline. discounted denimI will finish the projects and post about them soon. In reading the many posts and entries to this contest, I wish I could help out some of these seamstresses with their denim supply. Many have found it difficult to obtain denim jeans. Every month at Glad Rags we take in dozens of pairs of jeans to sell in our store. From men, to women, juniors and childrens jeans. Not all of them sell at our reduced prices and currently we have marked some pairs down to just ten cents. They are the perfect material for many projects. So if you ever have some ideas or projects that need denim, come see what we have. Do you need ideas? Be sure to check out Pinterest and more for ideas.

Blue Denim Christmas Decorations

Blue Denim Christmas Decorations

I did not want this sewing month to pass without giving tribute to this special skill. I want to encourage you to get out the needle and thread and patterns too. With less than three months until Christmas  now is the perfect time to think of sewing and crafting for the holidays. If you need some ideas, check out our Pinterest boards. And be sure to check out our Blue Denim Christmas Tree ideas. One of my projects I am working on currently will compliment the tree this year, so watch for it soon. Just keep in mind when you have sewing projects that thrift stores and consignment shops might just have the right material for your crafting project.


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