Why We Do What We Do
at Glad Rags Boutique

Clothes – Glad Rags – the name says it!! Though the phrase isn’t often used anymore, Glad Rags is an archaic term for fancy dress – or your best!! The clothes are the main reason that we are here. From Brand Names to Bargain labels, we have a large selection of clothes for the entire family. From casual wear for everyday or work to fancy dress for your special occasion there is a lot to choose from. We carry brand names found at your local discount store to brands that you can only find at the malls or online.

Of course, since the clothing is pre-owned we can sell it for a fraction of the price saving the customer money every day. Many of the items arrive in our store brand new with the tags. No one will have to know that you didn’t purchase it at full price!!

Consignors – We have the best consignors – that’s how we get all the great clothes!! They have done the shopping for us and bring us some quality stuff. The items they bring are new or gently used. We have many consignors who bring us items every time the seasons change and others that we hear from less frequently. Sometimes our consignors are people purging, downsizing (their homes or their figures) or clearing out items for a family member. They come from all walks of life, and bring in a great variety of clothes, shoes, belts, jewelry, accessories and more. Some consignors are trying to make money to purchase more items in our store (we really love these consignors!!), pay off school bills (students or their parents) and so much more. We like the fact that the money they make here is usually spent in our community to help the local economy. It is great to watch how our consignors and their families grow. Many start out consigning when their children are young. We can watch the growth of the children by the changes in sizes of the items they bring in each season!!

Customers – We have the best customers too!! We love it when we can meet the needs of our customers by providing them with quality clothing at a reasonable price. Some customers are regulars and use their Frequent Buyer Cards for even more savings. Other customers come in with specific needs at specific times. And of course all of our customers are great bargain hunters and know that they can find clothes at discounted prices here at Glad Rags. It is always great to visit with our customers and learn their stories too. They make our days bright!!

Crafts – Though Glad Rags was once also the location of a fabric store, did you know that you can still shop here for craft supplies? If you are a re-purposer you know what we mean. Because of the growth of Pinterest and the idea of making something old from something new a consignment store can be a great place to find craft supplies. We always have a great selection of reclaimed buttons, beads, sequins, buckles and misc. findings taken from clothing items that did not meet our quality standards. These items are great for crafts, jewelry making and so much more. The items are one-of-a-kind, so be sure to check the collection often for best selection. We also carry sewing machine needles and metal replacement zippers for your sewing repair needs.

Charities we help – We are a consignment store not a true thrift store where all proceeds go to a charity. But that does not mean that we don’t help out local charities. We currently have accounts for local charities and set aside funds to help in times of need such as house fires, floods, etc. Clothing can be placed in these accounts and the proceeds along with the store profit on these items are used for these needs.. We have some very generous people in our area that like to help the charities in this way. At the end of consignment periods, consignors also have the option to donate their unsold items to these accounts as well. We have also recently started our Tux Bucks Assistance Program where proceeds to this account will help offset the cost of Tuxedo Rental to students who would not normally be able to afford to attend Prom because of the cost involved. See details about this program on our Formal Wear page.