Merchandise is accepted by appointment ONLY. When calling for an appointment, please be prepared for the fact that you will NOT be able to bring your items in the same day that you call. We do our best to schedule appointments to fit your schedule, but we cannot guarantee that you will have the ability to choose the date and time. Depending on the volume of current merchandise in the store, you will receive an appointment at the earliest opening, which can be anywhere from one week to a month from when you call.

Items that are seasonal generally will be received as follows: Spring items will be taken February to April; Summer items will be taken May to July; Fall items will be taken August to October; and Winter items will be taken November to January. Non-seasonal items will be accepted year round. Acceptance is conditional on available space, and Glad Rags Boutique reserves the right to change its intake policy and schedule to meet market opportunities and seasonal transition.


  • NAME BRAND clothes – in all sizes for children to adult, girls, boys, men and women.
  • Accessories such as shoes, hats,  belts, outerwear, swimwear and night wear
  • Purses and jewelry (classic, vintage & costume)


  • Household items, linens, baby equipment, children’s jewelry
  • Clothing that is stained, has rips, tears, missing buttons, snaps, broken zippers, etc. Clothing that has not been laundered and contains odors or pet hair or dander.
  • Any item that has been recalled. It is YOUR responsibility to know if your items have recalls. We check everything that comes into our store for recalls.

Glad Rags Boutique aims to provide value to its customers—desirable apparel and accessories at reasonable prices. To maintain its quality commitment, Glad Rags Boutique may decline to accept items presented for consignment. Please inspect items carefully before presenting them for consignment. Remember, the better your items look, the better they sell.

Glad Rags Boutique will show respect and care for consigned items, but is not responsible for damage or loss due to theft, fire, water, vandalism, negligent handling by customers, or other adverse events.